Eating Before Bed Makes You Gain Weight? Not So Fast!

There is a widespread belief that before going to bed eating anything makes you gain weight. The theory is that the food that you eat is not worked off during sleep, but instead goes right to your hips and your belly.

eating before bed

eating before bed

Before we buy in various ideas about weight loss, we need to understand how to lose weight, and then explore the possibilities about this illusion to find out if it is true or not that eating before bed leads to gain weight.

Here we explore how we should eat before bed to gain a healthy weight:

How to lose weight

First, the most basic rule in weight loss is that you must burn more calories than you eat. However there is more to it than this. For example, if you eat smaller and more frequent meals, you can eat more food than if you were to eat three bigger meals a day. The reason is that you are eating few enough calories in each meal for you to digest.

The slower at your metabolism runs, the less food you eat before you began gaining weight. However, the faster your metabolism runs, the more you are allowed to eat before you begin gaining weight.

The eating before bed myth

There is nothing wrong with eating before bed. I did it for 10 weeks and lost 20 pounds. I used to weigh 185 pounds, and now weigh 158 pounds and still eat before bed.

If you go to bed on an empty stomach, several things can happen. First, your metabolism already slows down when you rest. Not eating before bed at all can slow your metabolism down more. Also, if you go to bed hungry it is possible that you will have difficulty sleeping. If this happens, your metabolism will be slower the next day because you will be tired.

The twofold benefit of this is your body is continually working and burning more calories than if you were not digesting anything, and you are not eating so much that your body cannot digest it all.

know about eating before bed

know about eating before bed

How to eat before bed

It does matter how much you eat before bed. Please remember that your metabolism slows down at night. This means that although you need some food you don’t need very much. Also, eating heavy foods will cause your body to work too hard, and you will wake up at night. It is just as bad as not eating anything can be.

My choice for a bedtime meal is a bowl of whole-grain cereal in vanilla soy milk. Egg whites and whole wheat toast work as well. Stay away from Foods high in sugar and fat, and don’t forget to count your calories throughout the day to know how much you’re eating.

So what are you waiting for?

Now that you know how to lose weight, and that eating before bed is not as harsh on your diet as you may have thought, you can break out that cereal bowl and eat a healthy serving of high-fiber cereal without feeling so guilty.